Millennialism[ mi-len-ee-uh-liz-uh m ]


  1. a belief in the millennium millennials. 
  2. the generational cohort of those born between 1981 and 1996 representing, somewhat mirthfully, the next oppressed system. (ie. sexism, racism)


  1. use of the collective subconscious to discern the intricacies of human experience.

About My Millennialism

At its core, My Millennialism exists to generate empathy, knowledge, and perspective across generations, between peers, and within personal identities.  Due to the lofty nature of this goal, and seemingly endless ways to address it, Jared and Jini teamed up in order to cover more ground and reach as many people as possible. 

My Millennialism uses each of their intersectional and individual identities, their separate (and VERY different) approaches, and their unique strengths and weaknesses to find and create commonality across the human experience.

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About the Podcast

As an anti-racist inter-sectional society theory guru, Jared has chosen to use this podcast as his platform to dismantle peoples’ perceptions about our country for the greater good. His episodes feature an unapologetic and personal look at the intricacies of intersecting identities, ethics, and current events. Discomfort is key- so buckle up!

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About the Blog

Written by Jini, this blog will be used to respond to and address uninformed and hateful posts and social media comments in regards to different issues of social justice, human rights, or current events in an extremely respectful manner. IF someone is going to change their viewpoint, they usually need to be spoken to courteously and met where they are at in their current understanding. We don’t all have the time to do that or, due to how strongly we feel, we can’t formulate a response that isn’t angry. So here’s some help!

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