Why Should I Be “Nice” to Someone Who is Wrong (or Being Hateful)??

A lot of times I want to yell and scream and cry about everything that is going on in regards to racial equity and justice in our country….but I recognize the privilege I am experiencing by having my feelings about all of this come from my empathy, not my reality, so I am trying toContinue reading “Why Should I Be “Nice” to Someone Who is Wrong (or Being Hateful)??”

Intro: So What’s Jini’s Deal?

If you read the “About the Authors” tab, you’ll see some of my basic info. But it doesn’t tell anyone why I care about all of this so much, how I got here, or why it might be worth anybody listening to me. So….I’ll share a little more of my background…particularly in regards to howContinue reading “Intro: So What’s Jini’s Deal?”

About the Blog and Disclaimer

This part of “My Millennialism”…aka the blog part…will be authored by Jini. Most of what you will see will be me addressing uninformed and/or hateful comments and thoughts in regards to different issues of social justice, human rights, or current events in an extremely respectful manner. It’s my belief that IF someone is going toContinue reading “About the Blog and Disclaimer”