Welcome to: My Millennialism

So- Jared and I are talking in about an hour- which is when we are planning on putting the almost-final touches on our website and sharing it with the world. I know I’ve written a couple of things already as posts, but those were mostly for practice and at this point….we’re ready to take a deep breath and plunge in for real.

As we put on our finishing touches though- I have a few things on my mind.

First…I’m feeling a little nervous. Just to be transparent. Only because I really am hoping that this overall will be something that is helpful to some people. I welcome negative comments and discourse because…that’s the point. What I’m afraid of a little bit is silence. But…..I don’t think that will happen. I hope not at least.

The second thought I have is- after spending the day talking to my mother- I’m realizing just how polarizing the title “My Millennialism” in and of itself has the potential to be.

I’m not changing it, because we chose it on purpose.

We chose it because we feel like we’re a bridge generation (the Millennials). We are a specific cohort trying to navigate the transition between a society that was unsure about issues of social justice and the next generations…who seem to have a much more inclusive mindset than anybody before them. We chose is because “Millennials” are another group who are at the receiving end of generalizations, stereotypes, and being misunderstood. We chose it because although we want to settle in to a post-racist society…we were raised by one that wasn’t.

So this decision is on purpose and I’m glad of it. But it’s interesting to me that being born in the time-frame that we were and embracing the title of “Millennial” is something that is controversial. Although, to be fair….what isn’t these days?

I’ve been noticing other generations calling Millennials things like-

  • Entitled
  • Lazy
  • Too Sensitive
  • Snowflake
  • Basement-Dwellers
  • Etc

I’m bringing this up because I know this blog will eventually be read by people who aren’t my friends. By people who aren’t supportive, don’t agree with me, and who don’t know me. Which is great! Because I want to talk with those people.

And I just want to let those people know….

I am not any of the above listed things.

Most Millennials that I have met aren’t. But since I can only speak for myself….

Talk with me. I will share with you why and how I don’t fit those descriptions and STILL believe in all the things I do in regards to social justice, my peers, race, sex, orientation, and all the rest of it. And I’ll do it respectfully- no matter what anybody says to me- because I want people to ask questions, learn, and maybe maybe maybeeeeee change their perspectives. It’s not my job or goal to condemn anyone.

Aaaaaand- if you already DO agree with me- I hope that in the coming posts, you find tools, vocabulary, language, resources, and strength in the materials we post on this website. Goodness knows we all need as much of those things as we can get right now.

Welcome, officially, to My Millennialism.

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