“Liberal Snowflake”

I have a little tangent to go on. I am frequently given the “compliment” that I’m “the one level-headed liberal” that the compliment-grantor has ever spoken to.  While I really appreciate that these people feel that they could have a dialogue with me, I have a lot of concerns with all of the subtext inContinue reading ““Liberal Snowflake””

Response To: This Meme (Transphobia)

So a friend of mine posted the following meme recently. She’s pretty liberal herself, so I was surprised to see it and even further surprised to see her defending it after another one of her friends told her it was trans-phobic and she shouldn’t post things like that if she’s not trans-phobic. Her stance seemedContinue reading “Response To: This Meme (Transphobia)”

Blake/Rittenhouse- Part 2 (With a dash of evolution and bias theory)

After talking with some people about my last post on this topic and hearing/reading more thoughts on the these events- I felt it was important to make a second post speaking to them. Primarily because I am worried about the possibility that somebody could have read my last post and walk away thinking that raceContinue reading “Blake/Rittenhouse- Part 2 (With a dash of evolution and bias theory)”

Resource Post: Stamped (Reynolds/Kendi)

If you are looking for an awesome book on the history of racism in America, information on what the difference between not being a racist and anti-racist is, AND something that’s actually enjoyable to read because it’s written like a conversation and not like a textbook (although sources are still cited in the back!)…then thisContinue reading “Resource Post: Stamped (Reynolds/Kendi)”

Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse

So most of you know about the events that have been happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin. You have either heard about Jacob Blake being shot multiple times by police officers in front of his children and/or about what Kyle Rittenhouse did… or- if you don’t remember his name- the teenager with an assault rifle who walkedContinue reading “Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse”