Resource Post: National Coming Out Day!

(Spoilers ahead….)

I identify as bisexual.

JK. I mean, I AM bisexual. But that’s in my bi-o, so it’s not a great spoiler, unless you haven’t read that yet. In which case, then….it’s still not really a spoiler. More of a….”surprise!” Kind of. Anyway. I didn’t actually start this post to talk about me.

What I DID want to do with this post is to share the website of one of the bisexual activists who had probably the largest overall impact on me as I was trying to learn how to feel comfortable being “out” in the world. Robyn Ochs is an educator, speaker, and activist in the rainbow community, and an overall incredible human being. She has tons and tons of resources on her website for allies, members of the LGBTQ community, and anybody else who may just be trying to learn more- if you click on the hyperlink, it’ll bring you to just a teeny part of her website, but there’s lots more. Enjoy!! ❤ Happy National Coming Out Day!

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