Elijah McClain

Recently, a friend posted a reminder about Eliah McClain- the sweet massage therapist from Colorado who was murdered by police in 2019. I put that in bold because…it is more than half-way through 2021 now and after seeing that small reminder, I realized-

“I haven’t heard much about that lately…and nothing to say that justice had been served, ever, so….what’s going on?”

It turns out- silence is what’s going on. The last news I can find about him is from February of 2021, where an independent review determined multiple failures by the police officers involved and no reasonable suspicion that Elijah was a threat. If you read the transcripts of the altercation, it literally tears apart your heart. The fact that it took an entire country’s outrage to spark a reasonable look into what happened is absolutely astonishing. Or it would be, if our nation’s record hadn’t already been steeped in that biased lens.

I’m not totally sure if the lack of news on this front means that something is still in progress, or if it just means that once again, people without enough resources to fight against “the system” (another disproportionately racial inequity) are being forced to fade into the background- taking a “justice plea-bargain” equivalent, just to get any sort of closure. I suppose we’ll all find out eventually. As of February, his family is suing, and I hope that for their sake- they get at least SOME acknowledgement of the wrongdoing that occurred.

Media has quieted down with our new presidency. All that really means, however, is that the undeniable overt racism in leadership has been, once again, redistributed and reallocated into the systems of our nation. Progress is being made, yes…but we can’t stop striving for more. We all deserve it.

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