Happy Juneteenth everyone!! Don’t forget to check out more about the history of this holiday and to keep doing the hard work even outside of this weekend 🙂 For more info: https://www.juneteenth.com/ Stay safe, happy, and healthy everyone!

June-Pride, Disability, AND Racism?

June is a crazy month! It’s Pride Month. It’s Disability Awareness Month. AND Juneteenth occurs right in the middle. Those are a LOT of things happening all at once. It’s pretty exciting. It’s also a little annoying, because each of those things deserves consideration on its own, and plenty of it. (Which will probably beContinue reading “June-Pride, Disability, AND Racism?”

My Millennialism- Moving Forward

Life is crazy. It’s busy, full, ever-changing, and all of that is okay and completely normal. However; when this project first started, it was at the height of the COVID pandemic, which meant that, even though things were strange and difficult….in many ways, a lot of things had slowed down. That reprieve from the usualContinue reading “My Millennialism- Moving Forward”