My Millennialism- Moving Forward

Life is crazy. It’s busy, full, ever-changing, and all of that is okay and completely normal. However; when this project first started, it was at the height of the COVID pandemic, which meant that, even though things were strange and difficult….in many ways, a lot of things had slowed down. That reprieve from the usual life hustle was why we felt capable of launching My Millennialism in the first place. It was a significant silver lining, during a challenging time. Over the past year though, things for all of us started to shift back to some semblance of “normal”, which meant that we needed to a) adjust to that in our lives and b) adjust to that with this project.

Which is where the good news comes in- I think we are there πŸ™‚

After lots of discussion, the three of us feel like we have found the intersection of what we want to accomplish and share, within the context of what we are realistically capable of, given our varying life situations.

So here’s the plan-

The first week of each month (except this month, where it will be this week)- we will post a blog post that really serves as a point of thought or discussion of the month. We may provide some context, or some of our own thoughts, but for the most part, we are going to try to pose it as just something to think about for a few weeks. During those couple of weeks- we would LOVE for people to comment with their answers or anything they have to say in regards to the topic.

Then, the final week of each month, we will host a livestream, where we talk about the question and invite anyone who wants a chance to voice their opinion, learn, and/or just chat about the subject matter to join us…and see what happens πŸ™‚

I can’t promise we won’t go on tangents, I can’t promise we know everything, but I can promise that we all care a lot and are extremely interested in engaging any viewpoint or person, in order to keep these important conversations alive ❀

So- we hope to see some of you joining these conversations in the near future!

Looking forward to sharing this month’s topic, when we post this Friday!!! πŸ™‚

Stay safe, healthy, and happy everyone!!

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