June-Pride, Disability, AND Racism?

June is a crazy month!

It’s Pride Month.

It’s Disability Awareness Month.

AND Juneteenth occurs right in the middle.

Those are a LOT of things happening all at once. It’s pretty exciting.

It’s also a little annoying, because each of those things deserves consideration on its own, and plenty of it. (Which will probably be the case in the next few months on this platform anyway!). But it’s fine.

Anyway, when we sat down to think about how all of these three things could be interconnected, for the sake of generating a discussion that could cover all three big topics, we came up with one main question.

Identities can often be either visible or invisible, depending on what they are and our circumstances. How has the “visual” aspect of your identity impacted you and has it been a pro or a con? Both? How come?

Unsure of what we are getting at? Here are a couple of examples-

  • In regards to orientation: Being bisexual can be misconstrued depending on the type of relationship you are in (or are not in).
  • Somebody who is born with a lighter skin color to parents who have darker skin colors, may find certain types of privilege in society, while also experiencing a trickier balance in their family structure.
  • Having a visible disability may make it so people automatically accommodate in helpful ways, but also could lead to infantilization or underestimation.
  • Having an invisible disability may offer more privacy but then prevent people from being taken seriously or understood completely.

Feel free to elaborate as much as you would like in the comments OR tune in to our livestream at the end of the month to talk about this question and other concepts centered around it! Stay safe, healthy, and happy everyone! ❤

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