About the Creators

As two opposite sides of the same overly-passionate coin- we share a common goal….but are wildly different in our experiences and approaches.

Jared is street-smart (while also being intellectual as all Hell).

Jini is book-smart (while lacking naivete, due to a rough upbringing).

Jared is unapologetic and Jini needs an apology “swear jar.”

Jared is bi-racial. Jini is so white….Jared is male. Jini is female… Jared is straight. Jini is bisexual…You all get the idea. There is a LOT that we don’t have in common.

But instead of focusing on how different we are- our friendship and partnership focuses on the things that we share. We also don’t view our differences as something detrimental- we view each others’ contrasting perspectives as unique and valuable. We are using that mindset and allllll of the different thoughts, experiences, and approaches that each of us have, in order to have the greatest impact possible.


Podcast Extraordinaire

Hey there-

I was born in 1991 in Victoria, Texas. Throughout my life, I have lived all over the place to include- Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Japan.

I graduated from Maryville High School in Tennessee in 2009. Following that, I studied clarinet performance with Howard Klug for four years at Jacobs School of Music through Indiana University, before going Active Duty in the United States Army as a Army Bandsmen. I served in the Army Band for six and a half years, before moving to Boston with my amazing wife, Mairead, and starting this podcast!


The Blogger

If I had to sum myself up in one sentence….I would say that I’m a proud and passionate mother, music educator, and social justice warrior. 

But I DON’T have to, so I’ll share just a little more of my background.

I am bisexual and I’m married. We have a son who is the cutest, along with a cat named Persikitty and a Corgi named Leah.

I have a B.S. in K-12 Instrumental Music Education from Bemidji State University, which is in Minnesota. I taught band for four years and loved it, but right now, I’m actually serving as a musician in the U.S Army.

I’ll be going back to civilian life (and hopefully teaching) in 2022, but since I still have a little time left in my contract, I have to mention that NOTHING I POST IN THIS BLOG IS A REPRESENTATION, RECOMMENDATION, OR ENDORSEMENT BY OR FROM THE UNITED STATES ARMY. I’ll get in trouble if I don’t say that, but it’s also true.

Hope you enjoy!


Editor, Guest Writer, and Graphic Design

Before I graduated college, I had only ever lived in Massachusetts. South Boston, Foxboro, Dorchester, and then I moved a whole two hours across the state to Amherst for college. I studied Music Management at the University of Massachusetts and joined the Army National Guard as a musician shortly after my freshman year.

I met my wonderful husband, Jared, while we were in Army Basic Training and the School of Music. After I graduated, I moved down to Texas to be with him, and less than a year later, we were sent to Jared’s new duty station in Japan.

We are now back in Boston, and I am looking forward to helping Jini and Jared with this amazing page, spending time with our family, making music with friends, and furthering my education and growth as a person.

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