This won’t be a lengthy post. Jared and Mairead have been dealing with a personal loss and I have been overwhelmed with anxiety and work…but I wanted to write at least a little. The perfectionist in me (and she’s not super nice) wants me to post more, on a schedule, and be super good aboutContinue reading “Labels/Empathy”

The Impact of “Intention”

What I’m about to write about may not be a revelation to every single person who reads it, but I wanted to share some thoughts on a concept that wasn’t eye-opening personally either, until it was explicitly pointed out to me. This post will be me doing that “explicit pointing out” for anybody who mightContinue reading “The Impact of “Intention””

The “Lower” Standard

We took a “Command Climate Survey” at work the other day. The objective of this survey is to determine organizational strengths and deficiencies- primarily in regards to equal opportunity and communication, within a unit. I went into the survey super annoyed. Pretty much exclusively about things going ON at work though and not our generalContinue reading “The “Lower” Standard”

Resource Post: “On the Basis of Sex”

A couple of posts ago, I discussed “The Abortion Issue” and I think this film pairs well with it. It shares the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s (Rest In Power <3) entry into law and her first step toward the Supreme Court. Although this movie doesn’t discuss the topic of abortion- I feel as thoughContinue reading “Resource Post: “On the Basis of Sex””

Resource Post: National Coming Out Day!

(Spoilers ahead….) I identify as bisexual. JK. I mean, I AM bisexual. But that’s in my bi-o, so it’s not a great spoiler, unless you haven’t read that yet. In which case, then….it’s still not really a spoiler. More of a….”surprise!” Kind of. Anyway. I didn’t actually start this post to talk about me. WhatContinue reading “Resource Post: National Coming Out Day!”