The Podcast

Welcome to the My Millennialism Podcast: My name is Jared and I am an anti-racist, intersectional, society theory guru, who uses my many experiences and perspectives to dismantle perceptions about society for the good of all humankind.

Genuine empathy is extremely hard to manufacture and it is what society needs most right now (…always, really). Fortunately- I’ve got the key.  Intersectional Social Theory.

I have many intersecting perspectives and identities, so I can relate to lots of different kinds of people on multiple levels. In this podcast, you’ll hear me using that in order to create a space where we talk about race, class, society, and more. It’s my attempt to generate true connection between others and more genuine empathy in the world. There is no “objective” reality out there. Everything is filtered through a lived truth and human perspective. Now that we’re all starting to realize this….we are inching closer and closer to real progress.

Millennials are the bridge that can lead us to a TRUE post racial/class society…. if we can get our shit together. I hope that by the end of our generation’s lifetimes we see this come to pass, but in the meantime, people still need a place to talk about their place in society safely. And…despite feeling like I can relate with a lot of people because of having multiple intersecting viewpoints, I also know that it’s hard to get to a point of honesty and openness without there being some shared intimacy. Something you can only really establish through getting to know somebody and sharing dialogue.

Hence….the My Millennialism Podcast. Let’s do this.

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