State(s) of America

I feel like there is so much going on in the country right now, that I hardly know how to harness my own thoughts and feelings in any sort of order, let alone structure a blog post. But I’m going to try. Right now it seems like the big things that we’re all witnessing are-Continue reading “State(s) of America”

June-Pride, Disability, AND Racism?

June is a crazy month! It’s Pride Month. It’s Disability Awareness Month. AND Juneteenth occurs right in the middle. Those are a LOT of things happening all at once. It’s pretty exciting. It’s also a little annoying, because each of those things deserves consideration on its own, and plenty of it. (Which will probably beContinue reading “June-Pride, Disability, AND Racism?”

My Millennialism- Moving Forward

Life is crazy. It’s busy, full, ever-changing, and all of that is okay and completely normal. However; when this project first started, it was at the height of the COVID pandemic, which meant that, even though things were strange and difficult….in many ways, a lot of things had slowed down. That reprieve from the usualContinue reading “My Millennialism- Moving Forward”

Daunte Wright and Police Brutality

He was 20. He was somebody’s child. He had his OWN child… a son who isn’t even two yet. A son who will now grow up without a father. Daunte’s family is devastated. Their community is devastated. Things will never be the same for any of them. If you would like to support Daunte’s familyContinue reading “Daunte Wright and Police Brutality”